Catholic Life of our school

St Catherine's: A family united in God's love, learning in faith together for a compassionate tomorrow. 


Prayer is an important part of our daily routine and we regularly gather together for worship as a class group, year group, key stage or whole school group each week.


Religious Education is taught within the context of the National curriculum. Whilst all schools make provision for R.E. within the curriculum, in a Catholic school it is treated as a core subject and as a result, we devote 10% curriculum time to this subject.  This means that the total time for explicit R.E. teaching at St Catherine's is: 2 hours for KS1 AND 2.5 hours for KS2 following the 'God Matters' programme which includes spending time learning about other faiths. Below is an outline of when we will be covering each topic throughout the school year.



Here at St Catherine's our children participate in daily christian meditation. More details are in the leaflets below