Our Staff

  • Mrs Sarah Sparks


    Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs Melanie Dare

    Deputy Headteacher

    Key Stage 2 Leader, Year 6 Class Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs Frances Montgomery

    Early Years & Key Stage 1 Leader

    Reception Class Teacher & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sparks, Mrs Dare & Mrs Montgomery make up our 
Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
Teaching Staff
Mrs Hince              RE Leader & Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs Trent              Maths Leader & Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs Beale              French Leader Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs Jones              Geography & History Leader & Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs Swierkosz        SENCO & Year 4 Class Teacher 
Mrs Hughes            Science & PE Leader & Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs Wakefield       Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs Kernick           Music  Teacher
Mrs Stone              English Teacher
Mrs Storey             Key Stage 1 teacher
Mrs Nevin              Key Stage 2 teacher
Support Staff
Mrs. Stewart          School Secretary and Finance Office
Mrs. Heathcock      Administrative Assistant and Resource Manager
Mrs. Deary             Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Wickens         Reception Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Wright           Year 1 Teaching Assistant /SEN support and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. McCabe          Year 2 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Clemens          Year 3 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sweeney          Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Simmons         Year 5 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Bailey              Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Ms. Randall             Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Gulliver           Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Haywood         Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Mills                   Caretaker
  • Mrs Catherine Parslow

    Kindergarten lead

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Kindergarten SENCo

Cath Parslow          Kindergarten & Deputy Desingated Safeguarding Lead
Gemma Perry         Kindergarten Deputy Leader & Childcare Assistant
Linda Christopher   Kindergarten Childcare Assistant
Kirsty Dave             Kindergarten Childcare Assistant
Nicoll Gosling        Kindergarten Childcare Assistant
Rachel Trigger        Kindergarten Childcare Assistant
Paula Isaacs            Kindergarten Supply Cover Assistant