School Council

The School Councillors are elected by their classes.

Year 1:  Aliona Higgins & Jacob Bowen

Year 2:  Martha Gray and Reece Jones

Year 3:  Jaymee-Leigh Robson and James Hedley

Year 4:  Grace Wilson and James Storey

Year 5:  Kobi Miller and Megan Jefferies

Year 6:  Grace Davis and Sophie Kernick


Our School Council ran a coffee afternoon on Friday 29th September 2017 to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Along with Mrs Dare, they wrote to parents asking for donations, they set up the hall and served our families.
Thank you to everyone who was able to join us, we all had a great time and we raised a fantastic £185
Minutes of School Council Meeting 8th November 2017
Those present: Aliona, Sophie, Martha, Reece, Grace W., Kobi, James S., Megan, James, Jaymee and Grace
After introducing ourselves and discussing how successful the Macmillan Coffee 'Afternoon' was, we discussed who could be the Chairperson and Secretary.  These jobs were discussed and what people would have to do if they were elected. Elections would take place in the next meeting.
Anti-Bullying Week
This was to take place the following week and Mrs Sparks asked if the School Council could take a leading role in this.
We decided that children in different year groups would be asked to create a poster on different themes.
Years One and Two would be asked to create a poster with the message 'How to make play times happy'.
Years Three and Four would create an anti-bullying poster.
Years Five and Six would focus on the message of 'Cyber bullying'.
Sophie, Grace and Megan volunteered to create a PowerPoint in their lunch time to introduce the topic to the children.
Minutes of School Council Meeting on Friday 12th January
Those present: Aliona, Sophie, Martha, Reece, grace. W, Kobi, James S., Jacob, Megan, James, Grace and Jaymee
Chairperson Election
Sophie was elected as Chairperson.  
Year Group representatives put forward ideas for improving our school and community. Amongst them were the following:
  • crazy hair day (for charity)
  • a cake sale (for charity)
  • a pyjama day (for charity)
  • a nature club
  • a homework club
  • mirrors in all the toilets
  • a craft/activity day
  • basketball nets to be replaced
  • buddy activities
  • an electronic school bell
  • the hall floor to be washed after lunch
School Council Meeting 9th June 2017
Minutes taken by Symara.
Each year group fed back any ideas or suggestions put forward to them from their class mates:
Year 2 requested mirrors for both the boys and girls toilets in Key Stage Two.
Year 3 asked if the field could be sectioned off so that they could do gymnastics safely.  This raised the question of separating Key Stage One pupils from Key Stage Two on the field to make it safer for all. We then discussed how the adventure playground could be used more safely and a time-table was agreed on.
  • Monday - Reception
  • Tuesday - Year One
  • Wednesday - Year Two
  • Thursday - Years Three and Four
  • Friday - Years Five and Six
Year 3 also asked if the blinds could be closed in the DT Room when they are changing for after school clubs.  We tried it out, as we were in the DT Room, and it was easy to do.
Year Five brought up the issue of the Willow Dome. They thought it should have a chance to grow more as some of the younger pupils have been breaking branches off to play with.  They also asked if there was going to be a cake sale along the lines of the one done last year.
School Council Meeting 28th April 2017
Minutes taken by Symara.
The main focus of this meeting was to get feedback from the pupils about what they would like to learn about or what changes they would like to make to the curriculum.
Year 3 had a long list of things they wanted to learn about. They included:
  • learning about different animals in the world and different habitats such as woodland and marine
  • more geography
  • volcanoes
  • current affairs
  • maths investigations and cube numbers
  • space
  • a greater variety of sport
  • more DT
Year 4:
  • more ICT
  • cooking
  • sewing
  • crafts
  • more work outside
Year 5:
  • pottery
  • drama
  • cookery
  • a language and gymnastic after school club
Year 2:
  • magic lessons
  • Can we eat lunch on the field?
  • Can the basketball hoop go back up
  • Year 6 would like to know if Teacher Day will take place this term
School Council Meeting 31st March 2017
Outcomes from previous meeting -
  • Year 6 will be able to play with their Reception buddies on the first Friday of every month.  If this is successful, it may be rolled out for other year groups.
  • The School Council has decided to apply for the House of Commons initiative 'Little Ideas, Big Difference'.  We are going to try to do something about parking as this is causing a lot of problems.  Two ideas put forward are for a drop off zone and for parents to not linger after dropping their children off at the play ground, thus freeing up more parking spaces.  We will look to invite people in to advise us as to what we can do.
Minutes (taken by Symara)
  • We are going to apply to the Woodland Trust for free trees to plant in and around our school.
  • Councillors are going to find out from the children in their class what they would like to learn about in their lessons next year.  Some ideas already suggested are DT and model-making.
  • A request was made for rubbish bins to be put outside in the playground.  As fruit should be eaten in class, there should be no need for bins.
  • Year 5 have asked for an after school grammar lesson.
  • The storage of musical instruments was brought up.  Could there be a special place for them to be kept?
School Council Meeting Friday 10th March 2017
The main business of the meeting was to elect a chair person, vice-chair and secretary.  After voting, the results were as follows:
Chair Person - Amelia Andrews
Vice- Chair - Harriet Jeffries
Secretary - Symara Lesbirel
Issues brought to the meeting:
  • Year One's requested some dice games for wet play
  • Year Five pupils liked the idea of the school logo being embroidered onto school jumpers and cardigans
  • Year Six requested if arrangements could be made to mix with their buddies at lunch time plays on occasion
School Council Meeting 24th February 2017
Our taking part in a national competition was discussed.  Sent by the Speaker of the House of Commons, it wants to hear from schools which are doing something small, which is making a big difference to their school or local community.  We all liked the idea and are going to think about what we can do.

Issues brought to the meeting:

  • Improved fencing around the KS2 playground, as balls often go both under and over them
  • a quiet seating area to be placed outside the playground
  • sponge footballs for playtime
  • an inter-house netball tournament
School Council Meeting 3rd February 2017
At this meeting the members introduced themselves.  We talked about how it is important that we listen to the people in our class, bringing any ideas and questions to the meetings. Some of us already had a small notebook to write down these ideas.
At our first meeting we talked about the Prayer Space and whether the children wanted it returned to the library space.  The children said that they didn't really like it as a library area as it was too small and not very welcoming.  The idea of changing the present DT Room and ICT space to a combined library/ computer area was greatly liked.
Some ideas were put forward such as: more mufti days, pyjama days, the reintroduction of Golden time. Each was discussed.