Year 5 2017/18

Welcome to the Year Five page
Our Year Five team consist of Mrs Dare, Mrs Stone, Mrs Pegg and Mrs Simmons.
Key times in the weekly timetable:
Tuesday 2:30 - Band Practice
Thursday - Indoor PE
Friday - Outdoor PE
Homework timetable
Monday - and New spellings given out for practising at home
Tuesday - Maths and English homework due in
Wednesday - New Maths and English homework given out
Friday - Spelling test 
Reading: Pupils are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes, five times a week. Details need to be recorded in their Reading Diaries with parental signatures.
Time table tests will regularly take place, but at no fixed date. It is expected that children keep practising their tables for quick, accurate recall.
How you can help your child
Please support your children in doing their homework by giving your child dedicated time for them to complete the work.
Every Thursday lunchtime, there is a Homework Club which children can attend if they would like some extra support, or if they would like to work with others.
Our Visit to Tutankhamun's Museum in Dorchester
On Thursday 12th October, Year 5 visited Tutankhamun's Museum as part of their topic on Ancient Egypt.  After an introduction given by Daphne, the class explored the museum searching for information to fill in a questionnaire.  It was an interesting and informative visit which was enjoyed by all.
Pyramid builders
Year Five investigated building step pyramids with a square base.  After constructing the first two layers (starting from the top), the children tried to predict how many cubes or bricks were needed to complete the next layer before building it. A pattern to the results was found!
Egyptian Chariots
As part of our unit on Ancient Egypt, the class were challenged to design and make a chariot based on drawings and diagrams.  The children worked in pairs and did an amazing job.