Year 6 Hooke Court update

12th October 2016
Day One
The children have had a lovely day - looking at Victorian artefacts, learning about the history of Hooke court & doing Victorian crafts (quilling & decoupage ) now having a story read to them, drinking hot chocolate & then bed !
Mrs Dare, Mrs Harris and Mrs Deary
Day Two
The children had another brilliant day. it started with a delicious breakfast and then, dressed up in their Victorian costumes, they became children from the workhouse! They made Dorset apple cakes, scones and gingerbread cakes in the Victorian kitchen. they were then shown how the laundry was done and they used various Victorian equipment including a dolly, posser and a mangel! During the afternoon the children worked in a school room, learnt how to set a table for a baaquet, polishing shoes and brass and a little bit of sewing! The highlight of the day (the children's view) was when Mrs Dare, Mrs Harris and Mrs Deary became ladies of the manor and were served tea in the parlour! This evening they are playing parlour games.