The Admission Number for this school is thirty (30).


From September 2019 all children will be full time from the beginning of the Autumn term, unless a parent requests part-time attendance.


Where all parental preferences for places at the school can be satisfied, all children seeking a place will be admitted.


Where there are too few places available to satisfy all preferences, places will be allocated according to the following priority order:


1. Looked after children and children who were previously looked after but immediately      after being looked after became subject to adoption, a child arrangements order, or  special guardianship order. (See note 1 on Pg 16 of Policy)
2. Children based on their exceptional medical (see page 10) or social needs or those    of their parents.
3. Children who are Baptised Catholic. (See note 2 on Pg 16 of Policy)
4. Children who are siblings of pupils on roll at this school.
5. Children who are members of any other faith.
6. Children of members of staff who have been employed at this school for more than   two years or recruited within the past two years to fill a vacancy
7. Other children 



Please send any enquiries to:


Tel:  01202 883763