Curriculum Plan. Spring Term.2

During the second half of the Spring Term our main topic focus is Spring and New Life.
This will take many forms including looking at new plant growth, lambs, eggs and chicks and watching tadpoles hatch from frogspawn and learning about their life cycle.
We are very fortunate at Kindergarten because our setting is close to the trees and we always have access to our outdoor area and often we are out in the wooded area exploring and learning.
We value these experiences and children are encouraged to think about their natural environment and complete challenges outside.
We gather logs, pine cones, make hedgehog homes and put out winter bird feed. We observe mini-beasts, go bird spotting and dig in the soil. Sometimes we have a challenge to move a large silver birch trunk back to our garden. This helps us work together as a team. We have to plan, discuss and work on a strategy!
We take pride in our outdoor learning and have amazing fun!
At Kindergarten we are working on Phase One Phonics in preparation for reading and writing.
We work on developing our speaking and listening skills. 
We listen to the sounds around us and play listening games. We also go on "listening walks".
We have opportunities to sing, learn rhymes, develop rhythm and use percussion instruments. We have lovely music sessions with Mrs Kernick, the music teacher who comes in to spend time with us.
Some of us, approaching Reception transition, are ready to start looking at sounds linked to letters. We have started to think about initial sounds in words and will soon be playing oral blending games and segmenting games.
As with all our learning, games and play are paramount.
In Mathematics we have lots of wooden shape and number toys, puzzles, shape magnets, pegs, beads, buttons. There are so many activities to choose from both indoors and out. We can count, order numbers, find a missing number, play with shapes,tape measures, tills and money, scales, funnels, various sized vessels and so much more. We have a sand area and a rice area for weighing, pouring and comparing.
At Kindergarten we have a range of Construction materials Duplo, Lego, Brio. Mobilo, Popoids, bricks, logs. We choose what we build with and have super fun enhancing our skills.
We always have Creative opportunities on offer such as painting, sticking, cutting, clay, playdoh, collage work and printing. 
Whether we choose to be in or out, the opportunities are available.
There are role play opportunities- dressing up clothes, doll's house, fire station and engine. The play house indoors is always very popular (as is the one outside).
The climbing area with slide and pole takes on many forms as the children play- a rocket one day....a bird spotting hideout the next!
The same is true of Markmaking  opportunities. We can draw on the giant wipeboard, chalkboards or notepaper. We all have a clipboard to take wherever we want to draw or write.
During Lent we will talk about how we can help others and show love and kindness to them.We always have a strong focus on being kind to others and showing respect for them. We celebrate being a kind and caring family. This is evident amongst the children and staff. We lead by example and model the behaviour we seek at all times.
Kindergarten parents are wonderfully supportive and greatly appreciated by all staff. It really is a happy family atmosphere and we count ourselves as greatly blessed to be part of it!
During this half term we will have opportunities for parents to come and celebrate the children's Learning Journeys with them-photographs and learning observations made by staff as their learning journey progresses. The children love to look at their "special books", remembering all they have achieved and enjoyed.
We will also be holding a coffee morning close to Mother's Day when the children will have an opportunity to say a BIG THANK-YOU for the love of their families.
It promises to be a fun-filled and busy half term!