Curriculum Plan. Summer Term.

During the Summer Term we have lots to see and do!
We will be sowing and planting in our outside area. We will learn about what plants need to grow successfully and we will learn the names of some parts of plants.
We will also grow some fruit and vegetables and observe their development.
One of our daily jobs is care of our garden area and we love to water and weed our planters.
Another topic will be thinking about people who help us. A doctor will be visiting us to talk about how he helps others. 
We are hoping that we will again be able to enjoy a visit from firemen too and hear all about their job and how they help people. We also get to try on some of their uniform and use the big hoses on the fire engine. So exciting!
In the Summer Term we also look at the life cycle of butterflies and we watch our own caterpillars make their own amazing transformation within our own setting. It is always such an exciting and memorable event.
As the summer holidays approach we will learn about beach safety- the sea, sun protection, staying near family and the role of the coastguards.
This  year we will also learn about pollution of the ocean and how we can help to prevent it. A storyteller will read us stories about creatures who have faced the dangers of sea pollution and we will link this to some creative activities and other areas of learning.
We prepare for the transition to school for some of our children with free-flow play with Reception class.
Our Phonics learning involves listening to sounds in words- initial sounds and segmenting sounds.
All the children thrive in the outdoor area. Free-flow learning allows the children to investigate and develop their own interests.
Water play, sand, mud kitchen, climbing area are but some of the many activities available outside.
In Maths will will continue with our counting, recognising numbers, ordering numbers for some children.
Looking at shapes, capacity and critical thinking. How to solve problems is something we love to do as we set about our learning. The teachers encourage the children to think for themselves and make choices. Their role is to provide the children with what they need to be successful in their endeavours. To pose questions which extend their learning, provide information where relevant and answer queries the children may have.
We are looking forward to a busy and happy term which will end with a summer trip and a joyful celebration and party for our leavers.