Friends of St Catherine's (previously the Parent Council)

Welcome to the Friends of St Catherine's


We are the friendly faces that support and represent parents and their views to the school. 

Research amply supports the view that when parents are involved children flourish and achieve better.

We are the friendly faces that support and represent parents and their views to the school.

Research amply supports the view that when parents are involved children flourish and achieve better.

At the Friends of St Catherine's you will have the opportunity to find out:

  • What we do
  • Who we are
  • About second hand uniform sale
Meeting schedule for 2018/19 academic year
Tuesday 11th September 2pm
Thursday 18th October 2pm
Thursday 6th December 2pm
Thursday 10th January 2pm
Thursday 7th March 2pm
Thursday 9th May 2pm
Thursday 27th June 2pm