Home Learning

Home Learning 

We believe that home learning plays an integral part in the learning experience of our pupils.

Homework is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. We expect the children to be able to complete the home learning tasks independently.



Daily reading is vital for all children.  For EYFS and KS1 this should largely consist of regular reading with parents and sharing books. Reading practice and listening to others read should continue right the way through our school.  Children are encouraged to change their reading book at least three times a week or as frequently as they are able. 



Spellings should be relevant yet challenging. In KS2 the children are expected to learn their spellings daily. Tasks may include learning high frequency words, research into sound patterns or letter strings, topic words and lists generated from the child’s own errors.



Other literacy tasks will include practising what has been learnt in class, along with continual reinforcement of grammar and punctuation and independent writing activities. 



The learning of times tables and quick recall of number bonds  is an integral part of maths home learning, daily practice of these essential skills are vital for all children.  Along with class reinforcement tasks, teachers set number games and tasks and more formal exercises for older children,  that they can do at home involving parents.