Hooke Court residential trip

Years 5 and 6 had an amazing time on their residential trip to Hooke Court.  We are immensely proud of the great  team work, good  behaviour and positive attitude that they demonstrated at all times.  The rain and mud just helped to make the whole experience even more fun and memorable.
Day one - Wednesday 9th October
After arriving, the children quickly settled into their rooms.  For some, learning to put on a duvet cover was the first challenge of the day.  
After lunch we meet Alan, who was our leader for the afternoon and evening. We started our 'Tribal Kingdom' activities by dividing into two teams and having face paint put on.  We then sat inside the round house while Alan introduced the first scavenge challenge.  This involved small groups having to collect certain items from a list.  It was a great way to introduce the importance of team work and to become familiar with the grounds. Points were awarded along the way.
Alan then demonstrated to the children how to lay a trail using just stones, sticks and pine cones.  The groups worked really well to make their own trails and taught them to the adults. We finished with a team game.
After dinner we returned to the round house for our camp fire singing, unfortunately it was too wet to have a fire outside.  It was great fun learning lots of new songs.
Following this Alan took us on a night walk around some of the grounds.  We visited a WWI trench which was very atmospheric and we also learnt about some of the star constellations.
Day 2 - Thursday 10th October
After breakfast and room inspection, we headed off to the adventure playground.  The children were still in full voice singing the new songs learnt from the night before.
We then meet our leader David, who continued the 'Tribal Kingdom' activities.  We had a very interesting walk to the wood, with David teaching the children many facts about the plants and wildlife along the way.  When we arrived the children divided into their two teams and quickly got stuck into building their shelters.  Both teams worked really well as teams.
We had lunch back at Hooke Court, then David introduced the children to the 'River study' activities.  To start with the children had to prepare their surveying lines, before leaving to walk to the river.
David demonstrated how to survey the depth of the river and also how to measure the speed of the water.  The mud along the bank and wellies getting water in them, just added to the fun!
After returning and having a good wash, the children had dinner and a little time to relax.  We finished the evening off with some more team building games outside of our Gatehouse.  These were led by Dan.
Day 3 - Friday 11th October
After breakfast the children packed their bags, stripped their beds and loaded up the car.  We were then ready for our first activity of the morning  - low ropes.  The rain didn't dampen spirits and once again the children were fantastic in their groups, supporting and helping each other along the rope course.
This was then followed by orienteering in small groups of four around the grounds, looking for different letters and spelling out words made from anagrams.  The children were great using their maps.
After a final lunch, it was sad saying goodbye to Hooke Court and leaving to return to school.  Despite being tired and muddy, the whole class had had an amazing, memorable time.
Mrs Hughes, Mrs Betts and Mr Kazmierczak are so proud of every child in the class.  They all faced new challenges, in their own ways, and all rose to meet those challenges with determination, laughter, perseverance and resilience.  It was truly a pleasure for us to have taken them away.