Hot School Lunches
Our children can choose to have a hot school lunch, which is provided by Chartwells.  Please click on the link below to register and order your child's meals.
All EYFS & Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a free, healthy, hot lunch. These need to be ordered a week in advance.
Older children can also have a healthy hot lunch, which needs to be ordered online.
Some children are entitled to a free school meal if their parents are in receipt of certain benefits; please ask at the school office.
Packed lunches
The children may bring a healthy packed lunch to school each day rather than opting for a hot meal.

We do not allow glass bottles, cans or fizzy drinks in school. We understand that you may be concerned that your child will be hungry being away from home all day, but we suggest not overloading lunchboxes.


The following should be sufficient:

                2 – 4 small sandwiches (one round)

                a piece of fruit

                a biscuit or cake

                a drink

We do try to encourage the children to eat everything in their lunchboxes.