Primary Catholic Partnership


The Primary Catholic Partnership trains teachers across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight, and offers school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) for those seeking to become primary and early years teachers. The partnership was established in 2000 by primary schools in the Diocese of Portsmouth and has been graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted since 2005.


PCP SCITT trainees benefit from a small, friendly, supportive environment and a personalised programme. They come from a mix of ages and backgrounds. Training is delivered by outstanding practising teachers who have the professional expertise needed to help you develop successful, evidence-based teaching.

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The Mission of the Primary Catholic Partnership is to provide school centred initial teacher training which promotes the highest standards of teaching and learning based on a Catholic philosophy of education.



  • To provide an appropriate training opportunity for those seeking to teach in a Catholic Primary School, at the end of their course.
  • To provide high quality, well resourced training within a Christian environment which has the support of a Catholic community.
  • To ensure a future supply of well-qualified teachers who are able to deliver effective teaching based on a Catholic philosophy of education.
  • To enhance the on-going professional development of staff within the participating schools.

The Primary Catholic Partnership runs a highly successful primary PGCE. We have been training teachers for 17 years and been graded outstanding by Ofsted since 2005. In the inspection which took place in 2011, Ofsted commended the partnership for ‘the excellent quality of both the central and school-based training which provides an exceptionally effective balance of academic and practical experiences.’

Trainees from the PCP have an excellent record of securing teaching posts. This is because the partnership is managed by schools to train the high quality teachers they need. The PCP has a strong reputation in the communities it serves and our trainees are always in demand. In the last three years, over 96% of trainees have secured a teaching post after completing the programme. Many do so at first or second interview because we spend a lot of time helping you prepare for selection and your first post.

Why choose the PCP?

  • Ofsted outstanding since 2005
  • 17 years’ experience providing exceptional teacher training
  • An excellent record of trainees gaining a teaching post after completing the programme
  • Opportunity to train close to where you live
  • Small, friendly, supportive environment and a personalised programme
  • We offer a range of courses, including Primary PGCEEarly Years and School Direct