Year 1 2019-20

Welcome to Year 1
Mrs Kennedy - Class Teacher
The children are continuing to work really hard in this second part of the Autumn Term.
We have started to look forward to Christmas by rehearsing songs for the Christmas production.
Still trying to get the music on the website!
Weekly events
Monday   - Whole school Liturgy
Tuesday   - Outdoor PE
Wednesday - Forest Schools
Thursday - Music
Friday       - Indoor PE
                     Celebration Assembly
Home Learning
Home learning books are given out on a Monday, to be returned the following Monday. The homework book will generally contain the spelling list for the week, a writing practice sheet to help learn spellings and a maths activity. Please use the book to best suit the home learning of your child.
Currently, the children are bringing home phonic reading sheets daily. These practise the new sounds that they are learning each day and the Phase 5 tricky words. This phonic reading can take priority over their book band book. Please record in the reading diary to earn your signatures.
When you are sharing stories with your child could I please ask that you focus on their understanding of the vocabulary they are hearing.
Ten minutes of reading daily will really support the reading learning that takes place in school.
Any questions please ask and thank you so much for your support at home.
Autumn 1
We used the story of Rosie's Walk to help us with our writing.
Today (Fri 4 Oct) in PSHE, we were thinking about what makes our classroom a lovely place to learn. Some ideas were
  • A quiet and calm room
  • Fun activities outside and inside
  • Someone to help us
  • All our friends learning together
  • A tidy classroom
Monday 7th October
Making puppets for storytelling.
Monday 14th October
We started our poetry recitals today.
The aim is to develop pleasure in reading poetry and rhymes and to build up a short repertoire of rhymes that can be recited by heart.
When rehearsing in preparation for the performance please
  • support your child to speak clearly
  • teach them to pronounce words correctly
  • encourage them to look at the audience
And a special Irish song from Roseanna!
Roseanna is going to ask her daddy what the words mean.
This is a song Roseanna's daddy had to sing when they had VIP visitors in his school and it roughly translates to '1000 welcomes, important visitors'
Week beginning 14.10.19
The children really enjoyed discussing how they have grown and changed.
Self portraits
All the children are painting their self portrait. They have to use their sense of sight to observe their features carefully. Look at the detail in their eyes.
Can you recognise each child by their self portrait?
Every Thursday the children are very lucky to have music learning from Mrs Kernick. Here is a performance I was invited to today.
This week in RE we have been learning about Islam. The children should be able to talk about when and where muslims pray and explain some similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam, in the context of prayer.
We hope you enjoy our prayer mats. We used pastels to decorate them. Can you see a symbol of Islam on their prayer mat?
Autumn 2
Tuesday 5th November 2019
Trip to Oliver's Park
The children had a lovely time and were very well behaved.
First we did some mapwork. We had to identify the different areas of the play park.
Then they had great fun playing in the park.
Tomorrow we are going to write a recount of our trip and make some models of the play equipment. We will also extend our learning about maps and plans.
Week beginning 18th November.
Our Talk for Writing unit is going well. The children are learning the story of 'Monkey see, Monkey do', using picture prompts and actions to help.
Today they have brought home the story map we have been using in class and they should be able to have a good try at telling you the story. It doesn't matter if the words are slightly different each time as long as the gist of the story remains the same. Please encourage use of expression and clear pronunciation of words, eg because.
Click below for an example of the storytelling. I will endeavour to add more clips this week.
Hope you enjoy the story.
Sorry the film clip is too large. I will film in shorter sections tomorrow!
Forest Schools
We made clay faces.