Year 3 2019-20

A warm welcome to Year 3
from Mrs Cardall and Mr Kazmierczak
We would just like to say how well the children have settled in and how excited we are to be working together with you to support their education.
Our latest news and pictures are here.....
15th November - Trying to match-up cards in a maths investigation, as part of our work on the four times tables. As it was "Children in Need Day", the class were wearing something spotty or yellow.
This coming week
Monday 22nd November - Celebration Assembly at 2.30pm, when we give out reading certificates.
Weekly Timetable Events
Monday ............. Whole School Liturgy
Tuesday ............ Music with Mrs Kernick
                         Outdoor PE
Wednesday ...... Indoor PE with Mrs Hurlstone
Thursday .......... Prayer and Praise
Friday ............... Celebration Assembly
Half-term Overviews
Details of the curriculum for each half-term can be found in the documents below:
Home Learning
Weekly Homework
For the Autumn Term homework is given out on a Monday and is due the following Monday. The children will receive weekly spellings, a handwriting sheet to support the spellings and a times tables challenge.  By the end of Year 3, the children are expected to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables so please practise with them at home, on a regular basis.  There is also a termly Home Learning Project for you to enjoy working on with your child.
We encourage the children to read daily for ten to fifteen minutes and talk about what they have read. The children may also like to read other books or magazines at home.  Whenever you read, please note the book, page numbers and make a comment in their reading diary.  This helps us to monitor their progress in reading.
If you have any concerns or issues you wish to discuss, please feel free to speak to Mrs Cardall or Mr Kazmierczak.
Our Class Gallery
See what we've been learning in Y3 in our gallery of class pictures.
Autumn 1
3rd October - We started testing the strength of magnets. The children had great fun seeing their paper clips rise and shoot-off in different directions due to the magnetic forces. Here are some pictures of our young scientists in action:
4th October - Friday afternoon and we try to recreate Stonehenge in model form using clay. This is part of our topic on the Stone Age. The clay modelling wasn't as messy as we thought:
4th October - The first recipients of a reading certificate, in Y3 this year, are handed them by Mr Collins at our Celebration Assembly. They have each got 25 reading signatures in their Reading Diaries, so receive a Topaz Certificate. Hopefully some boys will get a certificate next time! 
The next certificate is Opal, when the children have got 50 signatures.
7th October  - We had a debate to discuss whether it was better living in the Stone Age or the present day. Initially only a quarter of the class wanted to live in the Stone Age, but after hearing arguments and questioning from both sides, half a dozen others were persuaded that they wanted to live in earlier times.
17th October - We shared our Stone Age stories with Y2 this afternoon. It was really good to read with the younger children, who reviewed our efforts.
18th October - We investigated number bonds today, to help us with our Effective Maths programme. Can you match up the numbers to total 10, without having any left?
Can it be done?
18th October - Using oil pastels (don't worry, they're water-soluble) to draw artefacts from the Bronze Age.
22nd October -  The creator of Effective Maths, Greg Wallace, was in our class today to support us with introducing this scheme at St Catherine's. 
25th October - The children with their Stone Age topics. Very impressed by all the time and effort put into these. Proud of each and every one of them.
Autumn 2
5th November - Our visit to the Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne.
1st November - The class stand in respectful silence for one minute at 11am to remember all those who gave their lives for our freedom.