Year 4 2018/19

  • Mrs Dare

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Simmons

    Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Year Four page
Our Year Four team consist of Mrs Dare, Mrs Cardall, Ms Pegg and Mrs Simmons.
Key times in the weekly timetable:
Monday - New spellings given out
Wednesday - Homework due in
                  - Band Practice
Friday - Indoor and Outdoor PE
          - Spelling Test
          - Homework given out
          - Reading Diaries due in
Reading: Pupils are expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes, five times a week. Details need to be recorded in their Reading Diaries with parental signatures.
At the end of this academic year, there will be statutory table tests set by the Government. To give your children the best opportunity to succeed, time table tests will regularly take place, but at no fixed date. It is expected that children keep practising their tables for quick, accurate recall. Please practice with them and support their learning.
How you can help your child
Please support your children in doing their homework by giving your child dedicated time for them to complete the work.  Could you regularly sign their Reading Diaries to confirm that they are reading regularly.
Every Friday lunchtime, there is a Homework Club which children can attend if they would like some extra support, or if they would like to work with others.
School Trip
On Thursday 23rd May, Year 4 and Year 2 went to Marwell Zoo.  We had a wonderful day and many thanks go to our wonderful group leaders - Mrs Davis, Mrs White, Mrs Hill, Mr K, Mrs Gill and Mrs Beach.
The sun shone on our day and great fun was had by all.
Arts Week
We have been studying the Anglo-Saxons this half term.  During Arts Week, we looked at the clothing and jewellery worn by the Anglo-Saxons.  We researched their clothing and made collages of them.
We discovered that both men and women wore brooches to hold their cloaks and tunics together. We discovered their love of beads. All people wore them, even children. 
We made beads out of clay, which we painted and brooches out of card and tissue paper which were also painted.
Year 4 Samba Concert
On Wednesday 28th November, Year 4 performed some amazingly good samba music to the school and their parents.  They had been learning how to play different rhythms and instruments for 10 weeks with Mr Whitmarsh ably supported by Mrs Stone.
Their timing and sense of rhythm was impeccable and they did themselves proud. 
Classics in Year 4
For three consecutive Monday afternoons, Year 4 have had Mrs Berry accompanied by some of her sixth formers to work on the story of Perseus and Medusa. 
We produced large scale story maps in pairs and acted out a scripted version of the myth. Once we were given our parts, we created masks.
After much rehearsing (all done in one week) we put on our very own version of the play to a large audience of invited Mums and Dads.
It was nerve racking, especially for those given the main parts.  Good fun was had by all and we learnt a lot about the myth and how plays would have been produced in ancient Greek times. 
A big thank you to the Mums and Dads who helped the children learn and practice their parts and also to Mrs Berry and her team for inspiring us.
Design and Technology Week
Year Four have explored more of Ancient Egypt this week.  We have carried out a variety of tasks ranging from making mud bricks of various mixtures (to test for strength) and making models of ancient Egyptian chariots. Having made a paper model of a sarcophagus, we took the measurements of some of our own dolls/ monsters/teddy bears and had a go at making a net for our very own sarcophagus.  This was tricky! 
We also looked at the design of the ancient Egyptian collars and created our very own versions.    We had great fun sharing our creations with our families at the end of the week.
Team Work
Year Four have been working with Mrs Stone to see how well they work together.  A practical task was set up for a group of four children.  One recorded how well the other three worked together.  
Year 4 visit to the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester

On Tuesday 6th November, Year 4 visited the Tutankhamun exhibition in Dorchester.  We were greeted by Daphne, who worked at the Museum.  After an informative session we went into the Museum to look at the artefacts.

We found out lots of information about Tutankhamun and how his tomb was found.  There were life size models of the tomb itself and some of the treasures found there. Parts of it were  a bit scary as the tomb areas were dimly lit.

We loved finding about the different ways the mummies were preserved.  They even mummified cats and alligators!

Special thanks to the parents who came with us. You were terrific.

Swimming and Dancing Festival
On Thursday 10th January, Year Four visited St. Michael's to take part in a sports festival.  The focus on this occasion was swimming and dancing.  
In the swimming pool, a variety of mini-races and team events took place, whilst in the dance studio, the children learnt a dance routine.
Great fun was had by all.