Year 4 2019-20


Year 4 - 2019/2020

Mr Collins
Year 4 Class Teacher, Deputy Head and Maths Leader
Mrs Simmons
Year 4 5 and 6 Learning Support 
 Welcome to Year 4

 Weekly Timetable events

Monday morning - whole school Liturgy

Tuesday morning - Music with Mrs Kernick

Wednesday morning - PE with Mrs Hurlstone

Friday afternoon - PE with Mrs Pegg and Celebration Assembly


Home Learning

Homework is distributed on a Friday and is due the following Friday. There will be weekly Spellings, Reading and Times Tables to practise.  It is also useful to practise reading and writing numbers 0-100 in numerals and words, in addition to learning tables and number bonds. 


Spellings are given out as a Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check sheet and tested the following Friday. Children will also be given a handwriting sheet to practise their spellings in school one morning each week. 


Reading – books are given out to each child. We encourage you to read daily for about 5-10 minutes and talk about the books. You might also like to read other books or magazines from home. Whatever you read, please note the book, page numbers and a comment in the Reading Diaries to help us monitor progression.  Also encourage your child to more independent now and change their books when they are given the opportunity, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  We have also provided bookmarks for each child to support questioning when reading. 


If you have any concerns or issues you wish to discuss, please feel free to speak to me after school, or make an appointment through the school office, or leave a note in your child's School Bag.  We wish you a happy and successful journey through Year 4!