Year 4 2017/18

Welcome to Year 4!
Teacher: Mrs. M Trent
Teaching Assistants: Mrs. L Lindenburg
                       Mrs. S Pepper
Mrs Trent, Mrs Lindenburg and Mrs Pepper are all extremely pleased with how well the children have settled into the new term.
Our RE topic is 'Creation'. We have been learning about God creating us in His image.
In Science we have been learning about electricity.  We have had great fun making simple circuits then adding a switch.
In History we have been learning about World War 2.  We have thought about how it felt to be a child during the war.  We hid under our classroom tables when we heard the aid raid siren and tried on a gas mask. 
By the end of Year 4 we need to know all our times tables up to 12 x 12. This fun video has been helping us revise our 4 x tables!